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Sergio Kindle drives his car into an apartment

Here's the initial report from the Statesman.

Police are looking for a driver who crashed into a West Campus apartment early Wednesday. There were no injuries.

Witnesses saw several people get out of a car that crashed into an apartment at 2704 Rio Grande St., police Cpl. Scott Perry said today.

The people who got out of the car pushed it out of the apartment, down the street and then abandoned it a short distance later, Perry said.

Chip Brown from Orangebloods has gotten the scoop from Kindle's lawyer, Brian Roark. According to Roark, Kindle was texting when he lost control. Brown does not say if Roark used air quotes or not.

Actual text?

The car is registered under Kindle's father's name, Johnny Walker. I am not making that up. And Kindle was convicted of DWI a couple of years ago.