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Texas-LSU CWS Series A Ratings Hit For ESPN

The final game of the best 2-of-3 series for the College World Series Championship may not have been close, but the buildup was good enough to give ESPN three of the four highest-rated CWS games ever.

The three-game series for the National Championship grew in numbers with each game, until it averaged just under 2.8 million viewers. That was 26% more viewers than last year's Georgia-Fresno State series.

Russell Moldenhauer and the rest of the Horns helped ESPN draw 3.2 million viewers for game 3, making it the most-viewed College World Series telecast ever on ESPN.

To put this into perspective, the overall rating matched the Stanley Cup Finals.

The only downside to this? It probably means another round of announcers Orel Hershiser, Mike Patrick, and Robin Ventura.

Then again, it might not be all that bad.