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PSA: Tee It Up For Cole P Golf Tournament

Erstwhile Barker Bobby Bragg (Co-Publisher of Burnt Orange Beat ) emailed me today about this event:

"Tee It Up for Cole P" Golf Tournament

Texas Exes Chance Mock, BJ Johnson, Sloan Thomas, and the Pittman family are hosting the First Annual Tee It Up for Cole P Golf Tournament on July 11 in Austin, Texas. All Longhorn fans are encouraged to participate to remember the fallen Longhorn and raise money for a field house in his honor.

I thought this passage from Cole's father was especially gracious and touching:

"You talk about Longhorn family, I would not have made if it were not for those football players," said Marc Pittman. "Texas does not just raise great athletes. Texas has great people."

Interested parties can sign up here.