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Xavier Henry's Dad Goes ipowers on K.C. Radio

Ole Carl saying CJ Henry is better than Sherron Collins ranks right up there with Shawn Williams being better than Jordan Hamilton. Ease up there, bra. Anywho...

The podcast from 610 sports radio in Kansas City.

Fast Forward to the 18 minute mark. Holy shit that's funny, especially coming from a former KU player. Is there any doubt that Calipari has his mozarella stained prints all over of this? With Jodie Meeks declaring it wouldn't shock me in the least that this whole thing originated with Cal.

As for Xavier's abscence affecting the Big 12 title chase. It's absolutely huge. He's the one player KU has that can consistently get his offense without Sherron Collins. His mere presence on the floor will take so much pressure off Collins and Aldrich. Without Henry, Texas is the odds on favorite to win the title and the favorite to win the showdown in Austin, especially when you consider all the options the Longhorns have to help neutralize Collins and take KU out of their game. Mason, Balbay, Ward, and Bradley will each get a shot at Collins, KU's talented senior floor general. My money's on Texas wearing him down. Xavier Henry on that club changes the dynamic.

Here's the whole interview.

Here's the link on discussing the situation and the Oread Boom Kings hit it here.

Interesting to say the least.