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More A&M Chancellor Drama

Apparently the Faculty Senate at A&M, previously best known for successfully blending togas and Carhartts during floor deliberations, passed a resolution yesterday that results in a vote of 'No Confidence' for current Chancellor Mike McKinney. You may remember McKinney from Taylor's excellent piece on the subject a few weeks ago. You may have also emailed his etch-a-sketch photo to numerous friends and family who've dissapointed you over the year as well, if not I highly recommend it.

In the interim BC staffers have obtained video footage of what most likely closely resembles the actual Faculty Senate debate.

There also appear to be more twists in store for McKinney, as evidenced by this excerpt from the From the Statesman Article.

    "This is not to say that the chancellor is a bad person," Michael Benedik, a senator and biology professor, said in Wednesday's Bryan-College Station Eagle. "In fact I've asked them repeatedly to take the phrase douchenozzle out of the resolution. Take the words literally. Do we have confidence in him as a leader? ... I, for one, do not. It's, like, the literal translation of the phrase, you know. Literally. It's what it means. When you say it."

It remains unclear at this time what effect the sordid events at A&M will have on Rick Perry's hair.