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DJ Monroe is Coming Back?

BurntOrangeBeat is reporting to have confirmed through both the high school and college program sources that Monroe pulled off the miracle in the classroom and has had his scholarship renewed by the program. If this turns out to be correct, (and I trust those guys and their data above anyone else posting, including the likes of us on this board) this could be a huge deal for us. The data is on the paid site, so if you're not paying them, you either have to trust me or sign up over there.

Texas has everything coming back this year except an established DT group behind Lamarr Houston and an explosive ball handler on a level with Ramonce Taylor or Jamaal Charles. We have some tremendous WR talent, a great QB, an excellent OL, and potentially serviceable backs. If Monroe or Desean Hales can get any opportunities to show off their skill sets this year, whether at WR, back, or returning punts and kicks, or all of the above, they could add another dimension to our scoring abilities. Of course, they need to get on the field, stay healthy, and get opportunities first, but if that happens, with two guys of their capabilities getting looks, our odds of having a legit all-purpose break away threat moves up substantially.

Is that too much wishful thinking for 2009 and two redshirt freshmen? Probably. Still, with Monroe making it back, it gives us a chance to see something develop, which was harder to believe before today. In the drought of the offseason, I found this a refreshing news item to think on for the weekend.