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It is a great time to be a Texas Argicultural and Mechanical University Aggie. In the most recent bitch slap dealt to our rural cousins from the breaks of the Brazos by the UT Journalism Bias Conspiracy Extravaganza Jamboree-off, subtly engineered by Deloss Dodds, Mizzou (obviously a puppet state) alum Pat Forde ranked the Texas A&M - Texas Tech rivalry sixth most heated in the country. Not the Big XII South. The United States of America (including Hawaii and Alaska).

For those of you not following this rivalry closely, the Agriculturals have lost 11 of the last 14, which is much more pwnership than I had realized. What is even more incomprehensible is that the all time record is 34-32-1 in favor of the Ags. What? Seriously? This is Tech, dude.

Forde made sure to recap Mike Leach's recent media donkey punching of The Shermanator regarding Stephen McGee's lofty draft status. Mike Leach is the best coach in the US of A during the offseason. Seriously, who is more entertaining? I guess you make a case for Lane Kiffin, but his hubris scares me like unexpected granny porn.

In a related backhanded dick slapping, Michigan v. Ohio State was wedged behind the Aggies and Techtards and in front of Washington v. Washington State (UW and WSU? Really? By Seth and Amy). That is a little depressing for the Big 10.

Florida is in a good place right now. You know when you come in on the list at numbers two and three you are wrecking shit like you know Dirk Diggler wrecked his high school girlfriend that was in the beginning of the movie. You know she never got over that.

The No. 1 most heated rivalry? Take a wild guess.