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WAC, Mountain West Agree to BCS Table Scraps

Earlier this week Senator Orrin Hatch of Utah railed against the BCS, calling for the Justice Department to investigate the system for what he called a violation of antitrust laws. It was a political grandstand play, just for his home University, and none of the other members of the committee bothered to stick around and ask any questions of those who were there representing the BCS.

Meanwhile the President of Utah, along with the other members of the Moutain West and WAC decided not to challenge the system. The WAC and Mountain West Conferences voted to participate in the system and keep the BCS in place at least through 2014.

The two leagues were the only two among the 11 Division I-A conferences and Notre Dame that had not yet agreed to the lucrative new BCS deal with ESPN.

If the leagues had not signed the agreement by the Thursday afternoon deadline, their teams would not have been allowed to participate in the five BCS bowl games and would not be eligible to receive a cut of the $125 million annually that ESPN will pay to televise bowl games after the 2010 regular season.

The five non-automatic qualifying conferences divide a 9 percent share of BCS money among themselves each year. If a team from one of those conferences reaches a BCS game then the leagues get another 9 percent share. They will also find it harder to complain about a system they are a part of.

The BCS fully understands the first rule of running a cartel.

"Keep Your Friends Close, Keep Your Enemies Closer."