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A few items that you might enjoy. Or not.

Ivan Maisel wants to be some part of a Tim Tebow sandwich. Or something.

Tebow's value as a player -- he has passed and run for 8,427 yards and 110 touchdowns -- is surpassed only by his value as a leader. The time will come when his postgame speech after the Ole Miss loss last season will be recited daily by Florida schoolchildren.


It's still July and Tebow has already won another Heisman. He might become the first player to win three Heismans, if he can also win the award as an NFL Rookie. Gary Danielson is probably moist.

Vince and Earl thrill Austin Murphy of Sports Illustrated. No argument there. Two of the biggest studs to ever play the game. We'll have to ask srr50 to opine on Red Grange. Incidentally, Tebow placed fifth on this list. I'm sure Congressmen have been contacted to rectify this huge injustice.

Lastly, our pal Gaylon Krizak has a Q and A session with Leon Fuller.

CoachesAid: As an old defensive coach, you see the way offenses are going now. Is it harder to be a defensive coach these days than ever?

Fuller: Well, I think it is. What has happened now is that high school football is generally about seven years behind the NFL. Finally, the passing game has caught up (at the high school level). With the rules changes, you can pass-protect now where it was harder before; they've changed the rules and let offensive linemen basically hold on pass protection. So they have time to throw the ball and all that, and what happens now is that when they spread you all over the field, the defensive teams have to have the ability to rush the passer, and you have to have, in my mind, the ability to change coverage; play man-to-man, play zone and mix it up to where they can't just drop back and throw the ball on short routes and stuff and get guys wide open.

It's a fun time to coach, I think, but you sure have to have some depth to keep your best defensive kids on the field, because they sure have to do a lot of running.

Happy Friday.