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Jevan Snead, Archie Manning, Colt McCoy

Article from Terrebonne Parrish sent in from one of our readers:

Houma Today.

The article initially deals with Ole Miss as the trendy pic to win their SEC division, which as you know means they would probably beat the Steelers. Much of this putative success being related to QB Jevan Snead.

This is one of those funny in hindsight deals.

I was pretty bummed that Jevan ended up transferring out, he being possessed of some very clear gifts. Back then, I was not impressed with Colt and still bummed that we had put so many eggs into the porous Ryan Perrilloux basket.

Even Colt's first year, so many of those TD passes that I believe comprised some Frosh record were products of receivers bailing him out. He seemed weak armed, had happy feet and after watching him lie on the turf after a cheap shot with nary a teammate offering to help him up, not in any way the leader or the team.

He just didn't seem to have the raw tools to really be the guy. I recall Close To Jumping treating folks who shared my take the way Patton dealt with the shell-shocked.

Fast forward to Colt's Senior year. He is clearly the HMFIC. He runs over people. He eludes pursuit and fits darts into tiny spots like Magnar Solberg.

Archie notes:

"I have had the opportunity to watch all these young college quarterbacks in games and also in highlights, but the one guy I was more impressed with in person than just watching on television was Colt (McCoy)," Manning said. "Colt reminds me a lot of Drew Brees. He is smart, very accurate, he has great field presence and he has better arm strength than many give him credit for. Colt has a super quick release and that ball comes out of there real fast. He is a great college quarterback and he has a chance to be a real good NFL starter also."

Should be interesting to watch these guys as they head to the next level.

In the meantime here's to a great year for both these Texas kids. Maybe Ole Miss can beat Florida again, this time in the SEC CG and get Tebow to tearfully promise to do better in the National Championship game.