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Urban Meyer is the best coach in college football

At least according to two college football writers.

Matt Hayes of the Sporting News has Meyer first followed by Nick Saban, Pete Carroll, Bob Stoops and Brian Kelly. He has Mack Brown sixth, and does not have Marc Richt in his top 15.

Before anyone gets too upset about the rankings, remember that this is the same Matt Hayes who wrote this:

Anyone who has followed Texas quarterback Vince Young and Texas A&M quarterback Reggie McNeal knows there is no comparison. McNeal is a complete quarterback; Young is not. McNeal can make all the throws, and he can be dazzling and deflating when he scrambles away from pressure. Young is a tailback trapped in the body of a quarterback, the first guy you pick when choosing sides because God knows you don't want to tackle him.

McNeal has better career numbers -- and has been a more productive player -- than Young, yet Young is everybody's All-American. Young has every able-bodied sportswriter, television bobblehead and amateur analyst gawking over his quick feet and flashy moves. McNeal barely is known outside of College Station.

Young is a Heisman Trophy favorite, but he's not the best quarterback in his conference. Or even in his division.

So yeah.

Texas fans will like the list that Mark Bradley of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution put out.

He has Meyer first and Brown second followed by Jim Tressel, Saban and Frank Beamer. He has Stoops tenth:

Used to win all his big games; now loses all his big games. I wonder how he’d do in the SEC East. (Not well, I don’t think.)

The national media is catching on.

And of course we have ChrisApplewhite's rankings from last year. Shortly after making his list he took a leave of absence for 'personal reasons.'