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LSU wants to play in Texas

LSU is looking to upgrade their football schedule, and they've already added home and home series with West Virginia, TCU, Arizona State, North Carolina State and Oklahoma.

"Playing a big-name team every year is just something we’ve got to do if we’re going to compete for the national championship like we want to," says LSU athletic director Mike Alleva.

Not sure that's true playing in the SEC, but it's a commendable if not supportable position. And certainly the fans would embrace it like they do public drunkenness and political corruption.

"We want to look at playing a game like that opening the season in Dallas or Houston or Atlanta against a really quality opponent where we could make the amount of money almost equivalent to a home game," Alleva said. "Then the publicity and national exposure you get is really well worth it."

Not good.

"These games would be played in recruiting hotbeds that we want to take advantage of," added associate AD Verge Ausberry. "They give us some prime-time opportunities across the country."

Yes, this is horrible, this idea.

Now granted it would be nice to see some people from Louisiana come to Texas and then actually leave, but that does not outweigh the negatives. I don't think any of the Texas schools (save A&M) would be dumb enough to play LSU in Dallas or Houston, but I can see an Oklahoma State or a Notre Dame agreeing to it.

And LSU's home and home with Oklahoma hasn't been determined yet so imagine if OU and LSU played their games in Houston? This is no Truman rooting for the Germans or the Russians or whatever. We don't want this war to take place.