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Recruiting Reprise Mid-July

We've got 19 in the fold with only a handful of serious prospects still on the radar. My views are informed from talking to a lot of different people in the know, common sense in following this stuff over the years, and reading pay sites. Let's take a dive in by position and see where we are and what's left to add - commits are in bold, prospects in italics:


Tre Hopkins
Dominic Espinosa

Jake Matthews

I like our takes here and we'll add a third if it's quality. Like Jake Matthews, Hopkins is a stud that can play any position on the OL. I love his versatility and athletic ability. Espinosa is a battler cut from the Kasey Studdard mold - an interior OL all of the way and a solid future center candidate. I'm not enamored of him as the elite recruit as some sites have judged him, but he is Texas good.

Jake Matthews wants to go to Texas, but the person whose opinion he values most in the world with respect to football believes that his NFL development is best assured elsewhere. That's the reason for the "delay" - if that word can be used in July - from a kid who cares little for recruiting drama or self-promotion.

He definitely has a comfort level with A&M because of his brother and the reassuring old people scent of Sherman's musty staff, but he'd also like to play for a winner and experience big-time college football with a coaching staff that doesn't smell like doilies, bingo cards, and Vix Vapo-Rub. The longer Matthews holds on, the better it is for us. A third party like USC is usually the logical compromise school in these situations, but he'd like to play close to home. OU then? I don't know if Jake is really feeling the Sooners. Our staff needs to work on Papa.

Evan Washington is now a LSU commit. A great pickup for the Tigers. Washington was a nice prospect, a Longhorn lean, and a seeming fit for us, but we shyed away. Nothing dirty or anything. I'm cool with it.


Connor Wood
Case McCoy

Done. This addresses our QB depth issues. I'm in the distinct minority, but I favor the idea of taking two QBs in 2011 too. Throw them in the pot with redshirts and let them battle it out with Wood/McCoy. Transfers and injury will trim it up like Carmen Electra's landing patch. QBs - unlike OL - are not content to sit and eat meals if they don't break the depth chart and they can always have value at other positions if they're athletes. So say Kerry Meier and Ryan Tanneyhill.


Traylon Shead

We've landed Chris Whaley's brother, necessitating that we take at least two of the 2011 studs from what is shaping up to be one of the deepest RB classes in recent memory. Traylon is a great athlete and an obvious take as a prospect - wherever he ends up.

As I've held from the beginning, Lache Seastrunk is a pipe dream. I'm assuming that most of you who aren't in total denial have moved on. The only way this could happen would be a complete reordering of Seastrunk's life. I've sent him a Landmark Forum brochure and a Sammy The Bull Gravano biography.


Darius Terrell - TE?
John Harris
Chris Jones

Darius White

We lost Ross Apo to BYU and the appeal of riding a bicycle with a clip-on tie for a year in Kinshasa or Sao Paulo and that's a pity because he appears to be a player. John Harris looks like a good possession guy and Chris Jones is Brandon Collins with an extra step. From the beginning, Darius Terrell has been the guy I'm least enthusiastic about, but he appears to be a future TE project. The refreshing thing about this recruiting class is that we have no reaches - so take any mild critiques in that vein.

We need a bellcow here. Someone that will make safeties shit out part of their small intestines and fake patella pulls to avoid being posterized. Hello, Darius White. We're Darius White or bust here and I still like our odds to get his signature.


Taylor Bible
De'Aires Cotton
Ashton Dorsey

We're loaded here and I think Taylor Bible is arguably the best player at his position in the state. Dorsey is also big time. Cotton looks to be solid, but I don't see the clear upside of the other two (based on his grainy junior film). Given our luck here, I fully expect Dorsey to rob a Brownie troop, Bible to be struck with three point stance carpal tunnel syndrome, and Cotton to be diagnosed with agorophobia.


Reggie Wilson
Greg Daniels

Jackson Jeffcoat

Reggie Wilson joins Taylor Bible as The Defensive Player I'm Most Excited About. I love everything about him. Anyone know his sign? I'm just, like, interested. Greg Daniels is a sleeper physical freak and the type of prospect we absolutely should be signing.

Like Darius White at WR, Jackson Jeffcoat is the guy we're waiting for and he is, by all accounts, a Texas type of kid. I'd lay odds on the good guys though I would be concerned if Dad lands a NFL gig in SEC country or a college job at an elite program.


Tevin Jackson
Aaron Benson

Aaron Franklin
Jordan Hicks

Love what we have in the fold. Jackson and Benson are exactly what we want. Franklin passed the knee surgery recovery test with our staff and we like his speed (legit sub 22 in the 200) enough for an offer. I hope it's not all of the straight line variety. I'll watch his senior year with interest.

Jordan Hicks is a fabulous talent and a guy I really covet - we're talking Derrick Johnson type of talent. I would hope that we're willing to wait on him, with or without Franklin. I don't think he goes to Ohio State and that he ends up somewhere warm.

I never thought we'd land Corey Nelson and I'm cool with him at A&M. I think he'll be a player in the 3-4 at OLB. Rashod Favors has been discussed as a possibility, but I think he's a very remote possibility at this stage.


Adrian Phillips
Carrington Byndom
Adrian White
Bryant Jackson

Tyler Stephenson

The Ahmad Dixon recruitment now makes sense given the news that he's now camping at LSU and Auburn despite a Baylor commitment. If you haven't made sense of it, try reading this again. It's a disgrace, but all you can do is laugh.

Adrian Phillips is a freaking baller and he could just as easily play a Quan Cosby role on offense, but I'd like to try him out as a DB. We need ball skills if we'd like to intercept some balls rather than bat them down with both hands.

Right now I have a sneaking suspicion that Adrian White may be a better prospect than a football player and I'd like to see a senior year from him in which the latter catches up with the former.

Bryant Jackson and Carrington Byndom are this staff's confirmation of what I have always believed: when you see the skinny East Texas kid who can run and is willing to hit, you always take them. Always. Weight can be added - raw athletic ability and determination cannot. The fact that Byndom is a MENSA member is a nice bonus.

As for Tyler Stephenson, he fits the East Texas skinny kid analysis despite being in DFW. He's a take in my book, damn the numbers. He also has the grades.


Despite the camps, the internet, 7 on 7s, increased exposure, scouting services etc. there's still a score of outstanding prospects flying completely under the radar who are Texas good. Many of them require a little projection, a position change, or a round of HGH at TCU to fully realize their potential. Will we save room for one or two? The numbers suggest that we won't, but I wouldn't be shocked to see an unknown added to the fold.

What are your thoughts?

What takes this class from very good and makes it great? Any two of Jeffcoat/White/Hicks? Or is simply fleshing out a couple of more needs?

How many do we take in all?