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TJ & Texas360Now

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Came across this story on the always excellent Texas Sports:

Catching Up with T.J. Ford.

TJ took me to New Orleans to watch the Horns play in the Final Four and for that trip, I'll always be indebted. When you lose a National Semifinal to 'Melo and Mc but are able to salve those wounds with copious Abitas and a full steak dinner at Dickie Brennan's which starts at 1:45 a.m., it's a great trip. Put 'Melo on TJ's team and you win it all.

Anyway, TJ is launching a new venture on the web tomorrow (along with Kevin Durant, LaMarcus Aldridge, Roayl Ivey, DJ Augustin and it's called: Texas360Now

A bit about it courtesy of Texas Sports:

Q: We've heard you are about ready to launch a new web site in conjunction with several other former UT players who are now in the NBA. Fill us in on the details.

A: Our web site will launch on Monday, July 20 and fans can find it at I'm doing the site along with Royal Ivey, Kevin Durant, D.J. Augustin and LaMarcus Aldridge. We're going to start with some videos of things we've been doing this summer. It will show our workouts and the five of us messing around with each other. The site will let people into our worlds and show people who we are. It hopefully can show people what we put into training and what goes into being a professional athlete.

We also thought we should create something that the whole state of Texas can follow. We understand that it can be a hard task for everyone to follow you like they did when we were in college, so basically this site is designed so that you can follow any professional athlete who is from the state of Texas. We'll also have a high school section, where we will profile the high school kids. It should be a one-stop shop, so we hope all our fans go check it out when we launch it on Monday.

Q: Where did the idea of this site come from?

A: I went to a fashion show in Houston and met a photographer, Dan Rios. I wanted to get some photos done of myself hanging around my house. He dropped by my house and the photos turned out great. Royal and I are obviously great friends, and he liked the photos as well. We talked some more and decided to get the five of us together and shoot some videos of just us being ourselves. We ended up shooting the videos together in Austin earlier in the summer, and it turned out well. We weren't really trying to create anything but once the videos were shot, so instead of just doing the video we might as well make it as big and as good as we could.


Q: How close are the former Texas guys who now make a living in the NBA?

A: The five of us who are doing this site together are close. The web site is our vision and our ideas together. We're trying to show people that we do work together and how we keep that bond. We'd like to show people what kinds of things you can do when you show support for one another and put your heads together.

I've also heard from Gerry Hamilton of Burnt Orange Beat about this who as always is very plugged in and involved. The guys plan to really offer a more candid and informative view of Longhorn players (collegiate, NBA, NFL, etc.) - daily workouts, blog updates, etc.

They will also be giving away a lot of cool stuff like jerseys, autographed basketballs, etc. My only request is more footage of these dudes scrimmaging at the Denton Cooley facility.

Another interesting angle concerns high school sports. TJ and Royal's vision is to look at some of the best players in Texas, but additionally check in some prospects flying under the radar. Royal Ivey gets this like few others and TJ has a real desire to help all sorts of kids get scholarships and succeed.

So head over tomorrow and get an account. We Barkers are looking forward to hanging with the Horns.