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Sooners get facilities upgrade

Oklahoma will be finished with Phase IV of their stadium renovations by the end of the month. They've spent approximately $125 million since 1998, and their latest project cost $15 million. So what did they get for their money?

- A 9,000 square-foot football locker room that includes a grooming area...

It's hard work looking like that much of a douchebag.

...cold plunge hydrotherapy pools...

"Schmidt says only pussies would complain about this."

...and a player(hater)s lounge.

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The Playa Hater's Ball
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- A 6,500 square-foot equipment room.

"Hot date tonight, Justin?"

- A 4,000 square-foot team meeting room equipped with the latest technology, sound, and video equipment.

"I'll be out before the game starts."

- Expansion and HD and other technology-driven enhancements to the SoonerVision studio and production facilities.

"With a little more production I think we might have a hit on our hands."

But all kidding aside it will be an impressive renovation. And they certainly did a better job with their capital improvements than Oklahoma State did. OSU was able to finish their renovation of their football stadium, but they don't have the funds to begin the construction of their athletic village after clearing the area.


Why not? Because T. Boone Pickens lost $282 million of the money in their facilities fund in three months. Something about putting all of your eggs in one basket. Or going long oil.

The Sooners are obviously aware of the situation, and they aren't missing any chances to gloat about it publicly.

"The generous support of our donors and fans has driven our ability to plan and complete projects in a timely, well-conceived manner," said athletic director Joe Castiglione. "Our Sooner Club membership, one of our sources of capital funds, exceeds 10,000 individuals. There is strength in numbers and we appreciate their continued support."