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THSCA All Star Game

I watched it on Fox Sports this morning. You can read the Statesman write-up.

Talent is way down from what it had been in years past and it looks like it's eventually headed the way of the Bayou Bowl. Early enrollment and the high profile All-Star games have pretty much killed it. The South team had the lion's share of talent, including the only two QBs in the game who could throw a discernible spiral and some good OL play.

Team rosters are here.

Future Longhorns:

Chris Whaley had 14 carries for 52 yards and 3 TDs winning the Offensive MVP. For his size, Whaley has great feet and he has real RB skills in terms of vision and setting up a block. Strides over diving tacklers without losing speed. He looked to be in semi-shape.

His speed is below average and he actually showed less burst than when I last saw him at the Army-All American game. He doesn't do a good job of getting small behind his pads bursting out of the hole and at 6-3 245, he represents a lot of surface area for contact - particularly his legs from the knee to upper thigh. People can get leverage on him if they'll go mid-low and it would be hard to call him a punishing runner.

He ran almost entirely out of the I formation and he's most effective running downhill, picking and choosing his hole. He's not a zone read back. Like most big, tall backs, if you get Whaley running laterally and catch him when he plants to cut, he can be tackled by a kitten. I'm sold on him as an athlete, much less so as a RB in our system. A South kid named Izzy Foster - 5-9 180 - who is headed to Blinn was actually more effective running the ball.

I had Greg Timmons with two catches for 50 yards. A 38 yarder off of a trick play and a tough 12 yard slant which will be his staple on the 40 Acres. He burned future Texas Tech CB Yashua Williams on a fly pattern but was badly overthrown and then was underthrown when he broke open on another sideline route. The South was pretty content to run the ball and play a lot of WRs and that was reflected in Greg's statline. He also drew a nice 15 yard personal foul for cracking back on a defender when the ballcarrier was five yards out of bounds. Which I enjoyed.

Physically, Timmons looks absolutely fantastic and it's hard to believe he's a freshman. He isn't fast, but he has excellent body control and he knows how to present himself to the QB. We got a solid chain mover who can shake loose deep if he can physically overwhelm a corner at the LOS.

Other players of note:

Texas A&M

Dustin Harris was fantastic. He had an interception, threw a 38 yard completion to Timmons on the trick play, a punt return for a TD called back for holding, a 99 yard kickoff return for a TD, and a 98 yard fumble recovery TD. He's 5-11, 160 with good speed and excellent quickness and he's completely fearless with the ball in his hands. He's a CB at the next level and I'll love him when he fills out to 180-185 and gains strength. Very good pick-up by Sherman.

Spencer Nealy is a high motor undersized DT from SA Reagan. He had two sacks going against a porous North OL. Great motor, good first step, solid kid. He'll need to raise his game considerably for the next level, but if he can make the phyiscal evolution required, the Aggies have a decent get.

Didn't watch Rhontae Scales specifically, but the South was able to run the ball pretty effectively and he passes the eyeball test in other venues I've seen him.

Didn't notice Sean Porter, if he played.


Chris McAllister was considered a Top 10 kid as a junior and saw his stock slip to a Bottom of the Top 100 when doubts arose about his ability to play traditional LB and concerns were raised that he might be a tweener. He addressed some of those concerns and made some pretty nice form tackles at LB and caught a TD pass. He has the athletic ability and showed the ability to play off of the ball a bit. Nice pick-up for Baylor.


Jarrett Brown played DE and he certainly looks the part, but didn't make much of an impact in the game. He gets too high and takes a lot of bad steps. Still, he appeared to be a quality athlete and I'm not sure if his issue is coaching or if he's just not a football player.

RB Jonathan Miller is a lean, angular runner with a little pop behind his pads, but he didn't have much chance to show his wares running behind a weak North OL. He left the game with an ankle tweak late in the 2nd quarter.

I didn't pay much attention to the Tech guys - OL Joel Gray and CB Yashua Williams.

My main interest was checking out our new turf and though the Burnt Orange end zones didn't translate over the television, the turf looked great and it's definitely a fast track that allows a quality plant and cut surface. If there is one player on the current roster who will benefit most from the switch, I think it will be Fozzy Whittaker.