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7 on 7 scrimmage report

Got a chance to watch the guys scrimmage Texas State last night inside the bubble in a 7 on 7 format, which is basically Sherrod or GG snapping the ball to Colt (or vice-versa) who has his choice of 4 WRs or a TE. These were my random notes with a few follow up thoughts:

Colt to Malcolm Williams on two perfectly thrown deep balls that #9 ripped out of the air in tight coverage. He's much more aggressive going after the ball. A 6’3 225 Lb blur.

Colt to Brandon Collins in the corner of the endzone. Insane catch, got the foot in. Great third WR option in this offense. He's Quan Without the Wind.

Gilbert to Trey Rabinowitz. A kosher TD up the sideline on a last second checkdown. No Barrett Matthews sightings.

DJ monroe dropped a perfect pass down the seam from GG. DJ helped move the chains a few times on stop routes behind the LBs.

Collins actively coaching Hales and Monroe. Hales is tiny.

Sherrod to Hales down the seam. TD. Nice comeback after a few incompletions for Harris (one a dropped ball by Phillip Payne. Impossible!). Does Harris get any PT this year? CTJ will propose a bet of some kind shortly.

DJ Grant broke a split second late for a laser from colt that almost took off his head. Looks great though for 35 yrs old though. Could we have a TE? Too early to say but he looks promising.

Colt is living in The Matrix. He should just start wearing all black and talk in barely audible whispers. If you can't beat Tebow's Christian bonhomie, just go to the Dark Side. Have a beer. And a threesome. On the same night! Right before the Tech game. Wearing a zorro mask! So this is what it feels like to be doperbo ...

Tony Hills is jacked up and looks great out of the backfield in this format.

E. Acho is so ripped he looks like he’s wearing a Batman suit. Absolute freakish build on this kid. I stared at him all night like HenryJames drooling over a pizza menu.

AJ and Chykie are physical clones. One Texas St WR actually hauled in a few nice catches on these guys and they jawed back and forth all night. AJ still gets his hips turned the wrong way but his recovery speed and instincts are silly. He looks ready for a breakout AA-type season. Not the kind of AA you lushes attended briefly. It's a scary upgrade across the board from last year with pretty much the same lineup -- more weight, experience, and cohesionness. Yeah. Earl Thomas still tackles people in 7 on 7 and just apologizes afterwards.

I talked to Eddie Jones and he said his shoulder is finally good to go. They took a piece of his leg and put it in his shoulder in some complex surgery and finally fixed the problem. Let’s hope so … you can never have too many DE’s.

Just like Barking Carnival, Colt is all business, all the time. He put every single ball on the money. Out of probably 30-40 passes only a few were dropped. The highlight of the night was a sideline dart to Shipley that just went over the DBs hands. Ship left the next DB’s jock in his mouth before zigzagging across the field making three more guys miss. His parents must be black. The game stopped for at least two minute celebration.

The practice started with two consecutive picks by Beasley and Christian Scott, followed by celebrations fitting of back-to-back Big 12 Championship and BCS Title victories. Scott got picked up and crowd surfed the D line, who all showed up to watch practice. Is this a Chapelle’s Show re-run? Meanwhile, the OL all sat on a raised table by the sideline talking about hunting and fishing and David Snow's satanic offseason rituals.

GG went to Graham often for 5-10 up the middle when nothing was available. Gilbert had some perfect passes dropped, some others bounce off the turf. Good zip on the ball. He's got everything you want in a young QB prospect and nothing you don't. I stole that line from Dan Fouts.

Where’s Dan Buckner?

Ben Alexander sporting yoga tights, form-fitting workout shirt and Air Jordans. Quite scary actually. 5'8" 301.

Ashcraft put on a dance for the ages before warm-ups. He had that shelf bumpin.

Nolan Brewster is officially a tweener. He’s outgrown safety and needs to be spun down to LB. Whether he ever plays there who knows but he's a liability at safety IMO. Lil Brew did have a nice pick six on a tipped ball in the endzone.

While we're picking on white boy safeties, Gideon got worked a few times in coverage but the offense has a leg up in 7 on 7 and safeties have the biggest disadvantage. He batted down a few balls in the endzone, which is always preferred over the toreador INT.

Keenan Robinson looks ready to go.

7 on 7 is definitely not Roberson’s strength. Wouldn't he be a great fullback? 10 carries a game. MINIMUM!

I'm also proud to report no NCAA infractions occurred during this festive two-hour practice, which was witnessed by a Longhorn who's who in Derrick Johnson, Tim Crowder (he's excited about playing LB for the Broncos), Jamaal Charles, Brian Orakpo, and Quan Cosby.

The practice ended with a little drama as Texas St scored in the short corner of the endzone and had a little celebration of their own, which didn't sit to well with certain members of our defense. After five minutes of fairly civilized shit talking, they started to lineup again as I made my way out the door for a pitcher of Live Oak Hefe at Crown (only $9.75 on Saturdays).

Thoughts? Questions? Confessions?

We do it all.