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Shipley may only return punts next year

Maybe. Not much of a story, but Kirk Bohls posted something on Monday that Jordan Shipley may not be a full time kick returner next year.

Too bad.

According to Bohls:

They spoke about the issue in the spring, and (Mack) Brown joked, "It didn’t go well. Jordan wants to do it all, but we thought (returning all kickoffs) was too much."

Not sure if we can read that much into that, but I can understand if Brown wants to give Shipley a break. And it's not like Shipley sucks at punt returns.

So who would replace Shipley on kick returns? Malcolm Williams, for one. He's got fantastic speed and is big enough to shrug off arm tackles. My other candidates would be Aaron Williams, Desean Hales or DJ Monroe. Guys who are electric with the ball in their hands.

Brown typically would go with someone with experience. Someone he can trust. Someone who won't fumble. Like Cleve Bryant. But Cleve is slow, and no one likes him. So Brown will probably find an upperclassman to fill the role. Vondrell McGee perhaps?