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Garrido DUI video released

Good stuff.

Garrido: This will end my career you know.

Cop: What will end your career?

Garrido: If I have a DUI.

Cop: Why would you have a DWI?

Garrido: reason.

Augie with the save! Now that attempted Jedi mind trick might work on stormtroopers and MILFs, but it's not going to work on Rodney Farva.

"This isn't the DUI you're looking for."


Garrido: I'm drunk.

Cop: You're drunk sir?

Garrido: No, I'm not admitting that. But I'm saying are you gonna arrest me?

Ha. Admit to nothing (except being drunk) and then try to change the subject. Should've made a driving substitution in the ninth.