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Richard Justice: Elegant Aggie Provocateur

I'm just sayin'

This is his latest attempt to mail-in on his job wherein he proposes that Texas A&M join Conference USA. How droll. He's like a humid Jonathan Swift.

And why should they join Conference USA?

Because they suck! And, are also dumb! And quite rural, you see.

Oh he got you good, Aggies!

Justice, if you don't know his modus operandi, is the glinty foreheaded Houston Chronicle hack and UT graduate who can't write, and likes to play the role of ham-handed provocateur, a sort of poor man's Skip Bayless. He's fun to toy with though, in the way that it's enjoyable to feint throwing a tennis ball to a beagle.

He even uses his down-home prose voice in this column - "guvment" - a special treat - which is fancy clever and something he and Kirk Bohls do a lot to spice up their column for you, the reader. Common touch, what!

I'm a fan of mocking Aggies in general as it is any Texan's birthright, but Justice's effort is particularly weak. Try again, Richard.