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2009 Media Preseason Big 12 Team

OU has eight first team players. We have four. I hope we can stay within five touchdowns of them in Dallas. HenryJames think that depth is more crucial than marquee media names. I agree.

I'm not a big fan of preseason All-Star teams as they tend to be a recognition of the players that journalists are most familiar with, taking inordinate input from coaches and SIDs who want to reward their seniors and "program guys" - last year, OU's Jon Cooper was their preseason Big 12 OL of The Year!? - and, generally speaking, most journalists have no idea what's happening on the field beyond who is carrying the ball.

So let's call it the All-Reputation Team - many warranted, some not - and wade in.


WR Dezmon Briscoe, Kansas
WR Dez Bryant, Oklahoma State
TE Jermaine Gresham, Oklahoma

In a conference completely dominated by the spread, the preseason All-Big 12 team is running the I. No one can argue with Dez, Dezmon or Gresham. Add a 3rd WR and ditch the RB and Jordan Shipley is your guy.

OL Russell Okung, Oklahoma State
OL Trent Williams, Oklahoma
C Chris Hall, Texas
OL Adam Ulatoski, Texas
OL Brandon Carter, Texas Tech

Once you get past the big names, hacks show the degree to which they're reliant on everything but their own eyes in picking OL. And we've got three tackles, one guard/tackle, and a center. I have zero problem with Okung or Williams. Adam Ulatoski is a solid veteran and a good pass blocker and a mediocre run blocker. The 1st round NFL draft talk is odd -unless Ulatoski is about to give us a senior year no one could have predicted. Chris Hall is a recognizable name with a lot of career starts playing a position where the Big 12 doesn't have many returning starters. Brandon Carter isn't the best OL on his team (that's probably Marlon Winn) and I'm not sure about his ability to transition outside where Tech needs him most.

QB Sam Bradford, Oklahoma
RB Kendall Hunter, Oklahoma State
RB DeMarco Murray, Oklahoma

Bradford is obviously defensible, but if a All-conference team is meant to be predictive rather than historical Colt McCoy is your guy. Kendall Hunter and DeMarco Murray are appropriate picks in a league ruled by running back by committee, but there's no reason the All-Conference team needs two backs. I suppose you could make noises for Derrick Washington at Mizzou, but I'm not buying.

PK Alex Henery, Nebraska
KR Perrish Cox, Oklahoma State

Henery is the best returning guy on a percentage basis. Cox brought back two kickoffs for TDs last year. KSU's Brandon Banks brought back one.


DL Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska
DL Gerald McCoy, Oklahoma
DL Jeremy Beal, Oklahoma
DL Sergio Kindle, Texas

Looks like a no-brainer to me. If you'd like some dark horses, look to KSU's two DL: Fitgerald and Harold. I liked Tech's McKinner Dixon before it was revealed that he can't read and he hit the supplemental draft.

LB Sean Weatherspoon, Missouri
LB Joe Pawelek, Baylor
LB Travis Lewis, Oklahoma

Good group. Weatherspoon really won me over with his play in Missouri's bowl game against Northwestern and his twitter feeds are good stuff. Pawelek is pure production and Travis Lewis is another proof of OU's ability to coach and develop the LB position. Apologies to Rod Muckelroy.

DB Darrell Stuckey, Kansas
DB Jordan Lake, Baylor
DB Dominique Franks, Oklahoma
DB Earl Thomas, Texas

Love Darrell Stuckey. Jordan Lake isn't one of the five best safeties in the league, much less one of the best two. He is a poster boy for journalists taking a coach's word for it rather than watching play on the field. Earl Thomas will take a step towards greatness this year. Dominique Franks is a reasonable pick because he's good and he has a full season's body of work to draw on from last year, but I'm not sure there's much room between him and our AJ Williams/Chykie Brown and CU's Cha'pelle Brown/Jimmy Smith.

P Derek Epperson, Baylor
PR Dez Bryant, Oklahoma State

Epperson is a somewhat simple-minded choice. He has the highest returning individual punt average, but Baylor's net punting yardage was third in the league last year. Who was number one? Texas. Hurrah for rugby kicks. Dez is a no-brainer as a punt returner.

Your thoughts?