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Big 12 Media Days preview

The Big 12 media days kick of tomorrow, and last week the media released their preseason poll and All Big 12 Team. Texas received the most first place votes (17 to OU’s 15), but they both tied with 172 points. So some shitheel probably picked Texas third on their ballot because he feels a Mike Gundy coached team is destined for big things.

The selection process is for the all conference team is typically the result of equal parts sloth and groupthink. Think of it like a lottery scratch off ticket. You get last year’s team, scratch off the seniors and then add guys you’ve written about or read what your colleagues have written about them. "So and so says this guy is good. I’m going to hit the jackpot for sure!" But I’m guilty of it myself. There may be a guy at Iowa State good enough to be on the first team, but I’ll be damned if I’m going to watch one of their games to find out.

Texas fans probably had a knee jerk reaction after seeing only four Longhorns on the list. They shouldn’t. There are some elite individual players in this league. Now if Texas doesn’t have a bunch of guys on the 1st AND 2nd teams at the end of the year, then we should go to the Pac 10!

Sam Bradford is the Offensive Player of the Year, and you don’t put the returning Heisman Trophy winner on the 2nd team unless you’re Steve Spurrier. But it doesn’t at all take into account the fact that he lost four offensive linemen and two receivers from last year’s team. That’s the type of beneath the surface stuff that used to separate the media from the average fan. That and an opposable thumb. I have a feeling he’s going to still put up fantastic numbers, but I wouldn’t trade him for Colt McCoy. And Sooner fans feel the same. We have the luxury of having the top two quarterbacks in the country in the same league. We got our guy, and they got theirs.

I haven’t decided how I feel about Kendall Hunter. Is he good, or did teams just choose to double Dez Bryant and Brandon Pettigrew and let him run free? Demarco Murray is the NFL version of Reggie Bush. He’ll make a great play but too often disappears against good teams. Wait for his yearly injury. I’d put Chris Brown ahead of him even though he punched that Rihanna chick.

Is it possible that Dez Bryant is a bit overrated at this point? He kicks the shit out of the bad teams, but against the four toughest teams on OSU’s schedule (Missouri, Texas, Tech, and OU) he combined for 298 yards and two touchdowns. Or is it just that he and Kendall Hunter have an inverse relationship because teams will rather give up yards on the ground than points through the air? Can’t really argue against Dezmon Briscoe either, but Jordan Shipley deserves a spot on the first team. If you can have four offensive tackles, you can have three wide receivers.

If you want to know what kind of conference the Big 12 had become, look no further than the offensive line. Four offensive tackles and a center. What’s interior line play? Toniu Fonoti is rolling over in his grave. I’m not a fan of picking an all conference team without guys at every position, but I’ll be damned if I could pick two starting guards. Maybe that dude from Oklahoma State and that dude from that other school. I don’t think Chris Hall is the best center in the conference because he may not even be the best center on his own team. I’ve got some reservations about all of the tackles. Brandon Carter is fat and wears too much makeup. Even if his switch to tackle is a success, teammate Marlon Winn is better. I’m banning anyone who thinks Adam Ulatoski is a first rounder. Russell Okung won’t have the best run blocking lineman tight end in the conference lined up next to him anymore. And Trent Williams is making the switch to left tackle.

Tight end was a no brainer.

The Big 12 has the two best defensive tackles in college football. If you don’t think coaching matters, Ndamukong Suh would like to have a word with you. What makes he and McCoy great are their ability to rush the passer. Guys who can do that from the tackle position are at a premium.

Sergio Kindle and Jeremy Beal are both no brainers at defensive end.

Two of the three linebackers are from right down the road in San Antonio and the other is an honor student from Jasper. And Texas didn’t recruit any one of them. I really like Travis Lewis. He’s a tackling machine. Joe Pawelek is very productive, even in the passing game. Sean Weatherspoon will be an All American.

When you combine Jordan Lake with Pawelek and Phil Taylor, Baylor is very solid up the middle. And that’s very important in the Big 12. Ten years ago. I guess Darrell Stuckey is good. He didn’t do anything against Texas, and that was the only time I watched him play. Earl Thomas is a witch and gets better every game. Dominique Franks is considered the best cornerback in the conference?