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Big 12 Media Days: Day One

Day one of the Big 12 Media Days is in the books, and no one from BC was in attendance. Again. Ripley promised us that he could make us some press passes, but his resulting work was, uh, lacking.

Nice try, but Trips' first name is actually Rogelio.

Nebraska's Bo Pelini was up first so here's the pdf of his interview.


On the change in the team's mindset:

You know, I felt when I first got around this group that there was a sense of dread sometimes when they came over to do workouts, and they were more looking for the easy way out. Now I think they're looking to get better. That's a great thing.

On where they are defensively:

I thought we made some strides on defense, but we're not in the same galaxy of where I want to be defensively. I think we're heading in that direction. I believe we're heading in the right direction.

On running the football:

And my belief, you can talk about throwing the football all you want. If you want to win championships, at some point you have to be physical enough to run the football. Not only it helps your offense, but it's going to help you play good defense and play great defense. You have to be able to do what you want to do when you want to do it.

Mike Gundy was next.

On quarterback Zach Robinson:

Not taking anything away from Colt or Sam Bradford or whoever else may play in this league, but we ask Zac to run a spread system efficiently, understand where the advantages and disadvantages are of our offense and how we're going to attack the defense. We ask him to run and make plays. We ask him to run the option. He does a lot of play passing. We don't do as much drop-back passing as much as some other teams in the country. But for what we do, I would say he's as good as anybody in the country.

On choosing Bill Young as defensive coordinator:

I was trying to avoid bringing a guy in that I thought maybe in a couple of years, if we had success, would bolt and become a head coach...Bill has done it for a long time. He's very mature. he's got experience in this league. I think he's got a great demeanor. I don't think there's any question he understands defensive football. And we'd like to think he'll coach at Oklahoma State until he retires.

On not being able to beat Texas:

It's been interesting our players have played very well. We've had an opportunity to win those games. We haven't finished. I think that you tell a team that you keep pushing forward and you keep working hard and you keep preparing, that the ball will bounce in our direction at some time.

Mike Sherman was third.

On what the Aggies need to improve:

Areas that we have to get better at, I think, from a football standpoint in particular, I think, number one, we have to get better at running the football. I'm a firm believer that in order to throw it,
you've got to be able to run. We have to be able to run the football a heck of a lot better than we did last year. We really struggled in that aspect of our game.

On the other side of the ledger, defensively, I don't think we stopped the run very well. When you can't do that, you can't get peopleat third down and seven and ten, I think it makes life hard.

On some of the difficulties his new staff faced:

You know, right or wrong, we come in with our coach or how we do things and are pretty demanding about doing it a certain way. It's awful tough on a group of seniors maybe that you didn't recruit. So we had some transitional issues.

Once more for emphasis.

I also have to say that I think transition is hard in college football when a new coach comes in and you have a senior class that realizes this is their last go-round. There's going to be some issues there.

Sherman isn't throwing guys under the bus. If anything, he's being too kind to some of the players that Franchione left over. We're talking some real pieces of shit. Goodson. Bennett. Good riddance.

And last but not and certainly least, Iowa State coach Paul Rhoads.

There's really only one question worth asking. Why? He didn't really say, but there were a couple of interesting bits.

On what the no huddle brings to the spread from a defensive perspective:

The biggest thing the no-huddle offense brings to the spread type of offense that was in place a year ago is the control of tempo...
There's a whole different level of condition. I don't know if people have figured out yet, strength coaches included, in how you prepare a football team year-round for what that does to you and what that creates. A lot of offensive success with the spread offense is just a result of wearing down a defensive football team.

On how Tommy Tuberville managed his Auburn staff:

Tommy was very hands off with his staff because he had hired a great staff, in my opinion. He trusted those assistants with executing a responsibility and worked hard not to get in their way.

What an exciting first day for...zzzzzzz.

Today's schedule:

9:00 Gary Pinkel
9:45 Art Briles
10:30 Mark Mangino
11:15 Bob Stoops