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F' the Chicago Cubs

In case you missed it, the Astros and the Cubs went at it last night in a rather important NL Central tilt. Budding pitching star Wandy Rodriguez matched perennial all star and uber-douchebag Carlos Zambrano pitch for pitch through 7th.

In the eighth, home plate umpire Mike Winter's quick hook on Latroy Hawkins forced Manager Cecil Cooper to bring in stud closer Jose Valverde an inning early. A couple innings prior to the hook, Winters took a vicious foul tip square on the mask. Whether or not the concussed umpire's strike zone shrunk as a result is impossible to know. But I do know he consistently squeezed Hawkins forcing the Hawk to squawk. Winters stepped out to warn Latroy and Hawkins motioned the dazed, strike zoned challenged Winters to get back behind the plate. Ejection. Dejection for the 'Stros.

In extras, highlights consisted of a blown squeeze by the Cubs and a ground out by Soriano where he never bothered to leave the batter's box. Seriously, he just fucking stood there and admired his 23 hopper to third.

Finally Chris Sampson had his gas can moment to end things allowing a walk off granny to the aforementioned Charlie Hustle himself. Soriano, who found the energy to prance around the bases, proceeded to do the face wave in between pointing in the stands as he made his way around the bases. Ball game. Cubs win.

Anyway, this is my rant. I hope Winters takes another one off the coconut tonight after he squeezed the Stros last night. Also, running a pitcher for a hand wave in such an important ballgame is douchebaggery at its finest. Zambrano can say or do anything on the mound short of a dropping a deuce on a picture of the home plate umpire's wife and get a way with it.

In summary, fuck Harry Carey and his pickled liver.