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Season College Football Betting Lines

If Vegas is so freaking smart, how come it's in Vegas? The answer is, of course, that Vegas isn't smart.

It's wise.

Trips fed you individual game early lines. Here are your early CFB season odds.

National Title

Florida 2/1
Oklahoma 9/2
Texas 11/2
Southern California 6/1
Ohio State 12/1
Alabama 15/1


Florida 2-1? Really? I think your insurance here with a Gator bet is that one regular season loss will be characterized as "a fluke" and "part of playing in the SEC" and won't necessarily cost them a championship bid. Interesting longshots? Hmmm, I can almost construct a fanciful scenario for California as a 35-1 long play. And UNC at 50-1. Of the favorites, I reckon much maligned Ohio State and Alabama offer the best value.

Expected 2009 Total Wins

Big 12

Texas - 10.5
Oklahoma - 9.5
Oklahoma St - 9
Nebraska - 8
Kansas - 8
Texas Tech - 8
Missouri - 6.5
Colorado - 6.5
A&M - 5.5
Kansas State - 5.5
Baylor - 5
Iowa State - N/A


Do these win lines include bowls games? Conference championship games? I'm assuming no on the former and yes on the latter. The site doesn't say.

I like:

Baylor - OVER

Randoms that I like:

Southern Mississippi - 8.5 OVER
Ohio State - 9.5 OVER
South Carolina - 6.5 UNDER

I like Southern Mississippi to win 10 games this year.

Ohio State has a forgiving schedule and Pryor is poised to put his stamp on the Buckeye program. He will fundamentally change what they're about on offense in ways that even Jim Tressel can't screw up.
The quality of OSU's athletes is still higher than the rest of the Big 10.

South Carolina looks like a prime candidate for a meltdown even though they're in the softer SEC East. Punk QB, overrated coach, massive graduation of NFL talent. They'll start poorly and finish poorly.

What do you think?