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Guess who crashed into Big 12 Media Day? Sergio won't be suspended, but he vows not to drive and text anymore. Studies have shown that it impairs you. Don't believe me? Here's an authorative bureaucrat:

Ditlow said the findings showed that a driver using a cell phone was four times as likely to be involved in a crash as other drivers, while the dangers of texting while driving were even higher.

Driving while texting is comparable to driving while impaired with alcohol... WHICH SERGIO WAS NOT IMBIBING WHEN THE APARTMENT BUILDING LEAPT OUT AT HIM. He left to find help at a Whataburger, where he had a delicious burger to regain strength. Then he drank lots of water because texting is dehydrating. Finally, he slept naked on the cool tile of his bathroom because sometimes it just feels wonderful.



Kevin Durant will be a key component of the 2012 USA Olympic team and is a lock to make our squad for the worlds in 2010. If ever there was a player designed for the international game it's Durant. He can play positions 2-4 credibly, has a complete inside/outside game, he'll be a zone monster, and he'll knock down 10 three pointers on the first team foolish enough to let him to stand on a 20 foot 9 inch three point line without a guy glued to his belly.


I recently received my copy of The Eyes of Texas annual. I read it from cover to cover the first night. There's some great stuff in there and for only $12.99 it's still significantly cheaper than street grade Oxycontin. You guys buy all sorts of silly shit like Athlon, lottery tickets, and car insurance, so I'm not sure why you wouldn't fork out for this.

PB breaks it down for you:

This year's annual is, like the last two, divided into three sections. The first 60 pages of the annual are devoted to previewing the upcoming season, the next 30 pages cover the program from a big picture perspective, and the final third of the magazine is, once more, dedicated to Longhorns history and traditions.

Of particular interest: a great piece on UT's road to racial integration by BC's own Keith Heugatter.


Moneyball, revisited. A must read.


I have six words for you: Brandon Carter cobweb skull tattoo, bitches.