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Texas Hoops Schedule 2009-10

The schedule was released last week but Trips has been on a transcontinental bender from Hawaii to Winconsin since ipowers rolled into town. Can you blame him?

So I'll share a little known fact with you that even Trips doesn't know. A few years ago, Deloss started outsourcing the basketball scheduling duties to Bas Rutten. Too bad he can't do our football schedule as well.

Anytime, anywhere.

North Carolina? Come get some, Roy! Will the Tar Heels hang within 20?

Uconn? Storrs rhymes with bores...yawn. Huskies tap out at half time.

Michigan State? 2003 all over again. I love how Barnes has been setting up Izzo with the jab these last few bouts. Ready for the knockout, Tommy?

USC? Payback will be in cash. Do you take Hamiltons, Mr. Floyd? Of course you do.

Then you have the conference slate with four Big Monday games, including Kansas at home. Might want to mark 2/8/10 on your calendar. In blood. Todd Wright reports that Dexter Pittman has added the arm bar to his lethal arsenal of moves in the paint. Maybe in lieu of redshirting, Barnes can bring Shawn Williams off the bench as a grappling specialist.

Think Jordan Hamilton can do this?

Murderer's Row
12/03/09 vs. USC Austin, Texas 8:00 pm CT
12/07/09 vs. Long Beach State Austin, Texas 8:00 pm CT
12/12/09 vs. Texas State Austin, Texas TBA
12/15/09 vs. Texas-Pan American Austin, Texas TBA
12/19/09 vs. North Carolina Arlington, Texas 1:00 pm CT
12/22/09 vs. Michigan State Austin, Texas 6:00 pm CT
12/29/09 vs. Gardner-Webb Austin, Texas TBA
01/02/10 vs. Texas A&M-Corpus Christi Austin, Texas TBA
01/05/10 at Arkansas Fayetteville, Ark. 6:00 pm CT
01/09/10 vs. Colorado Austin, Texas 12:45 pm CT
01/13/10 at Iowa State Ames, Iowa 7:00 pm CT
01/16/10 vs. Texas A&M Austin, Texas 5:00 pm CT
01/18/10 at Kansas State Manhattan, Kan. 8:00 pm CT
01/23/10 at Connecticut TBA TBA
01/27/10 vs. Texas Tech Austin, Texas 8:00 pm CT
01/30/10 vs. Baylor Austin, Texas 3:00 pm CT
02/01/10 at Oklahoma State Stillwater, Okla. 8:00 pm CT
02/06/10 at Oklahoma Norman, Okla. 3:00 pm CT
02/08/10 vs. Kansas Austin, Texas 8:00 pm CT
02/13/10 vs. Nebraska Austin, Texas 3:00 pm CT
02/17/10 at Missouri Columbia, Mo. 8:00 pm CT
02/20/10 at Texas Tech Lubbock, Texas 1:00 pm CT
02/24/10 vs. Oklahoma State Austin, Texas 8:00 pm CT
02/27/10 at Texas A&M College Station, Texas 1:00 pm CT
03/01/10 vs. Oklahoma Austin, Texas 8:00 pm CT
03/06/10 at Baylor Waco, Texas 3:00 pm CT

Until then, watch some football or something.

Avery Bradley
All Eyez On Me!