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ESPN REALLY Wants To Know What Makes You Tick

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You the typical Sportcenter viewer that is.

Oh they already have a pretty good idea as to who you are.

The WWL isn't looking for a one-night stand. They are into you and want a permanent relationship, so they want to know what gets your heart beating faster, what makes you perspire, what gets your "arousal" rate up.

And they have chosen Austin as the place to open a Media & Advertising Lab hooking up viewers to electrodes while watching Sportscenter.

Artie Bulgrin, ESPN senior vice president of research and analytics, says the WWL wants to "test executions in the lab to produce best practices for our (on-air) content."

The testing is done in a non-descript building here in Austin, as they look to find out what gets the viewers attention. They say that the electrodes can be a kind of lie detector.

Duane Varan, the lab's director, says goggles tracking eye movement are "so precise that we've been able to use them to map the viewers eyes as they read each word on a mobile phone screen."

Says Varan: "New psycho-physiological tools are helping us dig deeper and deeper into the psyche of the viewer. … We have access to a deeper level of truth, because the body doesn't lie."

I would like to volunteer BC's own Henry James to be hooked to the electrodes while he watches 10 straight hours of the X-Games XV.