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Bradford vs McCoy stat of the day

Got this from FiesoleHorn over on BurntOrangeBeat.

Over the last 40 minutes of the Texas game, Sam leads his team on 2 scoring drives while throwing two picks.

Over the last 40 minutes of the Florida game, Sam leads his team on 1 scoring drive while throwing two picks.

80 minutes of football, a combined 3 scoring drives and 4 interceptions... in the two biggest games of the year against the only two legit defenses faced all year..... the season is on the line.... both opponents have withstood your strong start and punched back..... your teammates are looking to you to make something happen...... and you are statistically more likely to throw a pick than to lead your team on a scoring drive.

That's your heisman winner, college football. You picked him, not us.

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