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Dennis Dodd's Golden Decade

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CBS, the RC Cola of Interweb sports journalism outlets, published a good old-fashioned Dennis Dodd confusion-fest entitled The Golden Decade. I don't have the time, patience or skill to tear this bizarre article apart line-by-line (Paging Fake Ken Tremendous), but found this snippet particularly head-scratching:

The all-decade quarterback (and maybe MVP) is a no-brainer...

Of course it is. Vince Young went 30-2 as a starter, damned near single-handedly won two Rose Bowls, outclassed the combined effort of two Heisman winners in the national championship game, and led the nation in pass efficiency while rushing for over 1,000 yards in his junior year. No player was more valuable to his team than Young, who numerous times led near-miraculous comebacks against outstanding opponents and in hostile environments. So, let's just all bask in the vicarious glory of yet another national sports journalist's glowing praise of Vince Young, the best college football player in the history of the sport.

...Tim Tebow announced himself as a freshman in 2006. Playing a backup that season, Tebow kept a championship alive by helping score three touchdowns in only 15 snaps against LSU.

WHAT?!? Oh, wait - I see what you did there, Dodd. By "no-brainer," you meant "only someone with no fucking brain would make the following argument." Gotcha.