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BC Turns Two

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Two years ago today, a few alumni of UT’s fledgling graduate school of improv comedy – Sailor Ripley, HenryJames, and Scipio Tex – started posting on this strange new frontier known as Barking Carnival.

Stick with us ... it gets better

For the first post on this blog, HenryJames bared his soul to an audience of one, sharing some private recollections from his f Simms, Major Rulz! diary written the day after the Rose Bowl. I’d like to think he peaked with that story but that would just be my innate desire to see him fail miserably at everything he attempts. I probably need to let that go. The next post took a riveting stance (only HJ can do this) against the recent string of Longhorns arrests: Is Mack Brown gonna have to choke a bitch?

Scipio’s first entries indulged the hither-to unexplored realm of Violent Suburban Pseudo Sports, the genius that is Flight of the Conchords, and the legendary Al Jazeera Broadcasts the 2006 Rose Bowl.

Meanwhile, Sailor Ripley -- the Ahab of this ill-fated space vessel – was hard at work in his Palo Alto basement practicing a controversial new form of shock therapy on some Stanford grad students in what we now celebrate as The Birth of WordPress.

Thus our motto: By Any Means Unnecessary. I’d say it was worth it, no?

He later admitted that it also helped close the book on our loss to Stanford in 2000 whilst Tiger Woods roamed the sidelines like a smug Golf Prick. He also admitted the original name for this site was Sailor Ripley's Believe It or Die!

Believe me when I say there are more truths yet to be told.

In the past two years, many triumphant States of the Union later, we’ve made some friends and embraced our enemies. (f tim. All hail ipowers.) Now, as a promising cyber toddler, we’re approaching basic speech capabilities and the ability to fill a diaper on command. It’s all upside from here.

Enjoy the cake.

Happy Berfday To Us!