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Fun with Dexter Pittman and Cross-sports Analogies

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I'm going to use a couple cross-sports comparisons to hammer home the point that a lot of really bright folks are missing on the Dexter Pittman issue. First off, let's cut to the chase. Texas was abject dogshit last year offensively. Shooting, passing, creating, you name it. Their best scorer was a 5-10 version of J.J. Redick that would make the former Duke guard look unselfish. The point guard shooting the ball resembled Doug Gottlieb's ass cheeks pressed firmly against a window (thanks CTJ). The most pro ready player handled like Ollie from Hoosiers. Add in a couple dashes of regression with Justin Mason and Connor Atchley, and a pinch of coach's dog house with Varez Ward, and you have a recipe that even Sherron Collins wouldn't eat. That was Dex Pittman's supporting cast.


Fast forward to this fall. Take a look at the roster. Essentially Dexter Pittman has been traded to the Red Sox for Nuke Lalouche and a player to be named later. Instead of being protected by the likes of Rob Deere and Brad Ausmus in the lineup, Dex will be sandwiched between Alber Pujols and Joe Mauer. Think he'll see some fastballs?

Or, if you prefer, a little pro football. Who hasn't played the "If Barry Sanders ran behind the Cowboy's line..." The same thing's going on here between Aldrich and Pittman. Put some competent offensive players around Pittman, much like Kansas rolled out last year, and watch Dex wreck shit. The fact of the matter is, Pittman will finally need to be played honestly by opponents in large part to a huge upgrade in supporting cast. It's this fact that has Longhorn fans excited about big Dexy next season.

Kansas fans should be excited about their team as well. But all this talk is just summer conjecture because anything can happen in this sport. Who knew that Chalmers would hit the clutchiest clutch shot that ever clutched? Who knew that Eddie Rivera and Prince Stewart would colon pack Adonis Jordan and Rex Walters? Remember, this game is supposed to be fun...