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Why I am wrong about Georgia

Maybe you are, too. I noted in a recent Scipio post on who was headed for a fall that perhaps Georgia had "maxed out" under Mark Richt (not a bad place to max out really, multiple 10/11 win seasons, conference titles, Sugar Bowls). I thought perhaps Georgia was becoming a team where all the stars needed to align in a given year and their year was last year. I'm wrong.

If you take into account what Georgia lost, namely Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno, you tend to drop them into the teens. But if you look carefully at what they either return, or, more importantly, reclaim from a lengthy injured reserve list last year, which included both their best offensive and defensive lineman, then I think the Bulldogs are one of the best ten teams in the country. Add in Richt's ability as a quarterback coach and a stud recruiting class--largely ignored compared the hauls of Alabama, LSU and Florida--and I would make a decent bet that Georgia has a special season. I certainly would not (and will not) rank them behind Alabama, LSU and Mississippi. Hmmmm, Mark Richt with low expectations versus Houston Nutt with high ones? Easy pick.

For that matter, I am guessing that Florida won't coast to victory in Jacksonville by simply showing up with an ESPN documentary film crew and a caravan of pilgrims charting (and weighing) the movements of the Great Circumciser.

We shall see.