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Meet the OU offensive line

As OU gets set to replace four offensive line starters, it's time to take a closer look at their backups who were actually much better than they were. Seriously. Because Billy Mays Kevin Wilson says so.

Left Tackle Trent Williams

"The best tackle I've ever coached." Bob Stoops

"I watch Trent on film every day. I’ve learned a lot from Trent. Trent is a phenomenal athlete. It’s a gift." Cory Brandon

How good is Trent Williams? He's so fucking good that the English language refuses to allow the replacement of his name with a pronoun by anyone other than him.

Left Guard Brian Simmons

"The best guard I've ever coached." Bob Stoops

"He’s a really great guy. He’s a really good leader. He’s been here for awhile, so he knows the program, he knows how to react in certain situations. It’s good going to him and asking him questions. When I’m trying to figure out something, I go to him and he’s always there to answer it." Ben Habern

Experienced guy. Keeps the young guys out of trouble. If you need to know how to get paid for work without showing up, he's your guy. Also helps with filling up your gas tank without paying.

Center Ben Habern

"The best center I've ever coached." Bob Stoops

"Ben on the field is a complete different person. He’s more relaxed off the field. He cares a lot. Me and Ben, we roomed together in the dorms, and now we’re still roommates outside of the dorms. So, we’ve become really good friends and the fact we know each other so well really helps us out on the field because we can just look at each other and know what is going on. For the whole offensive line, if we could get to that point, it will be really great." Stephen Good

The Sacred Band of Thebes. The 2009 OU offensive line. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Right Guard Stephen Good

"The best guard I've ever coached." Bob Stoops

"With Stephen, the most impressive thing to me is his work ethic. This guy truly is a weight-room warrior. We didn’t have to work out yesterday, but he went in and worked out on his own. You’ll tell him to run to the top of the stadium in 20 seconds, he’s going to bust it trying to make it. That’s the type of guy he is." Brian Simmons

That Stephen! Even though he's had two shoulder surgeries, you can still convince him that doing heavy bench presses is a good idea! Dude even drinks his own vomit as part of a nutritional supplementation program. Jerry Schmidt loves him.

Right Tackle Cory Brandon

"The best tackle I've ever coached." Bob Stoops

"Cory really impresses me. He’s grown so much and matured so much over this past year. He has big footprints to fill and he’s been here for four years. He knows it’s time for him to step up." — Trent Williams

How good again is Trent Williams? He's so fucking good that he apparently left footprints on the field last year that OU refused to fill in.