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HuskerLocker Evaluates The Big 12 OCs

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Faulknerian supernova HuskerLocker ranks the Big 12 OCs. Of interest: Kevin Wilson is #1. Nebraska's Shawn Watson is #2. Leach is #3 (in a 3 way tie, mind you). Greg Davis is #7.

Let's dive in:

1. Kevin Wilson

Hard to argue this spot

Unless you encounter someone who broke 1100 on the SAT.

considering the Sooners scored 60-plus points four games in a row.


Pace 2.

Pace 3.

Wilson orchestrated a dazzling no huddle last year, and the result was one of great offenses in college football history.

If you extend the historical list out to 20. I contend that the dazzling Martin Van Buren was one of the great presidents in United States history.

OU had it all: Power

OU's three lowest scoring games (1-2 record):

TCU 36-25
Texas 26-48
Florida 29-107

60 yards rushing per game. Less than 2.0 ypc. TCU outnumbered OU at the LOS, but Florida and Texas played straight up (often in a nickel or dime) and stuffed the run. See: West Virginia - OU BCS loss, '08.

speed, flexibility, explosiveness

Speed? Afoot. And dealing it. Check.

Flexibility? The Sooners put their legs behind their ears in every BCS game. Check.

Explosiveness? They exploded on Florida for 14. Check!

Few offenses can rival the breathtaking nature of Nebraska’s 1983 "Scoring Explosion" attack. But Oklahoma did.

Just knife '83 Nebraska's legacy in the back. Are you Irving Fryar's wife?

Look, it's pretty simple: Oklahoma dropped 62 on your Nebraska. We've been there. But unlike Nebraska fan, we had no illusion that the problem wasn't primarily our own. We didn't need to apply a wishful salve of OU's offensive historical greatness in order to soothe our distended and bruised labias. He's a good coordinator with a very good offense. Spare me the fanboy antics.


2. Shawn Watson/Nebraska

Mmmm. Yes. Go on. Please. I'm just going to take a few notes.

His biggest strength is his ability to adapt and take different ideas, incorporate them into a West Coast Offense framework, and then call those plays on Saturday.

Shawn Watson understands that to call those plays on Wednesday would be counterproductive.

You won’t find another WCO around that looks quite like what Watson is doing.

What is this West Coast Offense you speak of? INN-O-VAYYY-TOR!

Best of all, NU’s offense gained the yards last year, but also helped out its defense with the way Watson called the game.

Try this sentence on for size: Shawn Watson's playcalling also benefited the defense.

You can’t say that about most Big 12 head coaches and coordinators.

Like Kevin Wilson?


t/3 Mike Leach/Texas Tech:

The track record speaks for itself. The guy does a ton with average talent.

Doing a ton with average talent qualifies him for somewhere between 3rd to 5th in the league. OK.

But here’s what else the track record says: Once or twice a year, Tech’s offense grinds to a halt and becomes vulnerable to a decent pass rush.

An offense with average talent can be stopped? You've unmasked Leach for the fraud that he is!

Leach has never been able to remedy that.

Like, with better talent?

And he can dig his team a deep hole with his risk-taking on fourth downs (although, generally, we’re in favor of the practice).

I'm in favor of playing the odds except when they don't work out.

Leach dropped 70 on you one year. Shouldn't there be more bootlicking ala OU and Wilson?

Recency bias?


T3. Mark Mangino and Ed Warriner/Kansas

Mangino’s fingerprints are still all over this offense,

Ed Warriner coats the entire KU offense in powdered sugar to see if Mangino has been playing with them.

so we make them a pair.

So now it's a four way tie for third place. Damn this league's competitiveness!

We’ll just put it this way: KU stunk, for a long time, on offense before Mangino took over. And now, the Jayhawks are pretty dangerous, game in and game out, with their passing spread offense. If KU had a better offensive line, it’d be even better. The Jayhawks need to vary their running game a bit more, though.

Why, are, you, talking, like, William, Shatner?

"If KU had a better offensive line, it'd be even better..." - the timeless wisdom of the ancients.


T3. Art Briles/Baylor

Briles has co-offensive coordinators, but he’s really running the show.

Now a five way tie for 3rd place. Apparently, kissing your sister isn't such a bad thing in Nebraska.

And it’s a neat version of the spread, mixing trick plays, no huddle and option football all into one package. Imagine if he had, say, Texas A&M’s talent.

You thought hard and the best talent you could imagine was in College Station. Do you jerk off to mental images of Ruth Bader Ginsburg?

Who wouldn't trade RGIII for Jerrod Johnson?

Please join my pay fantasy football league. I have a David Garrard for Adrian Peterson arbitrage opportunity to discuss. I'll even throw in Steve Tasker.


7. Greg Davis/Texas

I'm going to defend Greg Davis on a public forum. This is what you've driven me to...

The Longhorns have great talent more than anything else,

When our best wide receiver went undrafted, the TE position was manned by a 290 pound slob volleyball setter, and none of our RBs managed more than 400 yards rushing, I distinctly remember thinking: it just doesn't get any better than this.

But the offense itself is a little too dependent on the quarterback’s skills.

When Zac Lee is your QB, diversification is crucial. It's like holding Enron in your 401K.

Also – development remains a question. Why do UT players, talented as they are, struggle in the NFL?

I asked Christian Peter and Lawrence Phillips this question and they tried to rape me. Perhaps Trev Alberts will do a segment on this?

Another reason why Colt McCoy earned the Heisman last year. He made a lot of players outside of scheme, on his own.

The Husker literary equivalent of the Sooner fan that wrote:

"Not that he went to Oklahoma freakshow and Im the idoit."

Shout out to the old Big 12 boards. May it live forever.

Of course, the Texas system allows for that. Is that a kind of "genius?" We suppose. Not really.

The Texas system - subversive in its spontaneity - allows for players to think on the field and make plays outside of what is drawn up on the chalkboard. By contrast, Zac Lee will bravely take a sack to demonstrate his fidelity to Shawn Watson.

Good times. But genius? Hmm. Not really.