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John Wall Dunks on Jerry Stackhouse

And Kentucky announces its presence on College basketball's landscape with authority.

The story goes that a college scout went to watch Jerry Stackhouse play in an AAU tournament. The 6-6 senior to be was so thoroughly prison raped by a 6-3 pre-injury upstart sophomore named Randy Livingston, that the scout left the arena doubting Jerry's ability to play at a big time level. Two decades and 18 Randy Livingston knee surgeries later and the story has come full circle. John Wall may be the most dynamic basketball player with a ball in his hands since the likes of Kenny Anderson or Allen Iverson. The scary part about this if you're a fan of any college basketball team besides the Wildcats, is you could probably throw fellow UK enrollee and point guard Eric Bledsoe into the equation and you wouldn't be off by too much. And neither one has had a single knee surgery. Be afraid. Be very afraid.