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Practice: Day Two

Because colons make it sound important.

All information at this point is from, but I am presenting it here in an organized fashion thereby saving you at least 10 seconds of internet browsing. You're welcome.

Mack Brown has a blog. Has Sailor Ripley already asked him to write for BC? Does he know that you can't address everyone by their first names on the internet? So many questions.

The latest entry has the team's daily schedule. Did you know that the defense has their own bus?

Video practice report.

Nothing like watching McCoy to Shipley while Greg Davis looks on and hip and/or hop plays in the background.

And an interview with Muschamp.

As ChrisApplewhite talked about yesterday, it's not exactly easy for a true freshman to come in and play defensive tackle. In response to Scipio's question about how he is going to replace Rod Wright, Muschamp replied:

It's tough. I always feel like playing as a freshman is harder by position when you get closer to the ball, because it happens faster. The bodies are bigger. When you're on the perimeter, as a wide out or a corner, a lot of times your athleticism can take over. The ball is in the air a little longer and you have a chance to really react and let your athleticism take over as opposed to instinctively playing the game. An inside player, those are tough to play as freshmen, but we're going to do it.