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The Texas coaching tree

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Aside from rooting for Tim Brewster's success and Michael Haywood's imminent demise, I don't really give a shit about former Texas assistant coaches. Think of them as ex-girlfriends. Or high school classmates you only hung out with because it was high school.

But something I do care about are ex-players from Texas who become coaches. There's a tangible connection to the University, and I generally root for success for any Texas grad save CloseToJumping and Mathew McConaughey.

I made a list of guys who played under either John Mackovic or Mack Brown and are now coaches in either college or the NFL. Interesting that of the eight guys I know about, seven of them were recruited by Mackovic. I think Mackovic might have the edge in doctors as well.

Former defensive back Joe Walker is the director of football operations at Tulsa. I always felt he played out of position at Texas.

Former walk on receiver Kyle Shanahan is the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach for the Houston Texans. Shanahan has had a meteoric rise through the coaching ranks, no doubt helped by his last name. As Jerry Glanville so famously reminded us, the NFL stands for 'Not for long' if you fuck up. But he is no doubt a prodigy.

Former walkon defensive back Terrol Dillon is the linebackers coach and special teams coordinator at Texas State. Dillon spent his freshman year at the Naval Academy before walking on at Texas and eventually earning a scholarship. Special teams demon.

Former quarterback James Brown is the quarterbacks coach at Lamar. Before Ricky and Vince came along, Brown was by far my favorite Texas player. He was the first guy at Texas that had swagger in a long time.

Former tight end Derek Lewis is the tight ends coach at Minnesota. I think we all remember him.

Former offensive lineman Russell Gaskamp is the offensive line coach at Angelo State. Was Texas' last good center until Lyle Sendlein came along.

Former offensive lineman Jay Boulware is the tight ends coach and special teams coordinator at Auburn. Great story. Recruited by Mackovic but was diagnosed with some type of heart defect. So Mackovic, to his credit, made him a player coach and then a grad assistant.

And of course we all know about Major Applewhite. Those who like Tim Tebow are worshiping a false god.

Anybody I'm forgetting?