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DJ Grant Out For Season

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According to numerous sources. He'll get a medical redshirt and try to return in 2010 with Blaine Irby. Looks like the revolution will start later.

What does this mean for our perpetually cursed TE position?

Well, it's not good.

Greg Smith represents an extra blocking surface. I see him written of as a "good blocker" primarily because he's not helpful in the passing game. This is the same reasoning by which someone assumes that a woman who can't cook must be good in bed.

Ian Harris and Ahmard Howard fit the traditional TE profile at 6-4 250 and have spent some time in the program. But Howard ping pongs between DE and TE every year and Ian Harris was passed on the depth chart by a freshman WR convert.

Barrett Matthews looks very promising as he's a hard-nosed blocker and has some speed. However, at 6-1 220, he's not a big enough guy on the edge to seal a legit DE and he's learning our offense. He will need play more as a H-back or flex TE.

Trey Graham has potential as well, but he's a true freshman and not likely to provide what we need just yet. He needs more strength and maturation.

The other option is to scrap the TE position anywhere outside of goal line, go with a 10 package, and be Texas Tech lite. That's all fine in theory, but it will hurt the running game and you'll see teams begin to instruct their DEs to forget run honesty and get hits on McCoy. Look at the beatings Colt took against even sorry teams like Baylor and A&M. And our TEs were atrocious last year in max protect.

Another possibility is to go without a TE, but two RBs in the backfield. Antwan Cobb enters the discussion there. Unfortunately, you're now taking away a quality WR threat in the passing game and you're playing into the defense's hands schematically.

I think it's time to see if Barrett Matthews is ready for prime time.

Your thoughts?