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Fast Times At Katy Morton Ranch High

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I thought we just flew him in for games!

A sordid tale of transcript falsification, player suspension, illegal district transfers, coach's wives doing the horizontal limbo with teens, and bent athletic trainers in Katy detailed at Spence Park Soap Box.

You should absolutely give it a read if you want a more sophisticated understanding of the game currently being run out there. Katy Morton Ranch isn't the only school setting up these sorts of arrangements, but they may be the most shameless.

The most interesting dynamic here is the reciprocal channeling of high school players between Champion Sports Performance and KMRHS - and, of course, the idiotic steps taken by the senior coaching staff to guarantee eligibility so that their deal went through. The wife sex was a quality bonus.

Is this street agentry? Maybe. For my definitional purposes that means a high school kid on sale through a third party to a college football program - but it wouldn't surprise me if that was also part of the deal. My educated guess is that Champion Sports has developed some cozy relationships with certain programs and/or their alumni and they just may be getting paid a stud fee.

I mean other than the coordinator's wife.