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Goodbye San Diego, Hello San Antonio

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The Pac 10 and Big 12 are getting ready to dump the Holiday Bowl as its showcase bowl match up and put the Pac 10's runner-up team and the Big 12 #3 team in the Alamo Bowl

The San Antonio-based bowl is boosting its payout to $3 million per team - which is $650,000 more than the Holiday Bowl will pay. The change will take effect after the 2010 season, and it is expected to kick off several bowl tie-ins.

First of all the Holiday Bowl will be saddled with the #4 Pac-10 team and the #5 Big 12 squad, because the Insight Bowl (in Tempe) is expected to up its payout enough to move up to the #4 slot in the Big 12 bowl tie-ins.

The Big 10 gets dropped by the Alamo Bowl, but will probably pick up a tie-in with the Gator Bowl.