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Practice: Day Five

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The first day in full pads. Finally.

Mack Brown goes full cliche on his blog and quotes both Joe Jamail and Zig Ziglar. He's clearly aiming for srr50's demographic and is probably kicking himself for posting this before Les Paul died.

Jamail makes people feel, uh, less positive than Ziglar.


Video of mostly player interviews.

Player interviews.

Allow me to summarize. Working hard, coaches are pushing us, having fun, want to win.

Thoughts from Bobby Bragg and Gerry Hamilton at BurntOrangeBeat ($).

And more video:

News 8 Austin




The normally slothful ChrisApplewhite attended the practice and sent me four texts.

This is the best defense of my lifetime.

Earl Thomas already did like three incredible things.

A lot of interesting schematic stuff up front. Kindle moved around a lot. Houston was a monster.

A girl is standing near me. I need an adult!

I assume he will elaborate at some point, but keep in mind that this is the same person who has built a shrine to the 1997 Michigan defense in his home. And he listens to The Decemberists.