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Practice: Day Eight

Texas only had a single practice today, and it was partially in the bubble because it's like 180 degrees in Austin right now. We begin as always with Mack Brown's blog. Mack's got a new stat that emphasizes the importance of depth.

We talk about building depth – creating and maintaining a mental edge every day. It's one of the reasons we feel like we're never out of a game. We don't find ourselves behind too often, but when we do, we've been able to use that depth and mental toughness to come back. Our sports information staff gave me this stat on our comebacks since we've been here. In 11 seasons, we've registered 22 second-half comebacks, including 12 fourth-quarter comebacks. We've also recorded the six largest comebacks in school history. That's remarkable when you think about it. When you're behind, depth and mental toughness are the reasons you can fight back and win.

Huckleberry will research it and then get back to us to see if it's actually depth or just randomness.

Pictures. Alex Okafor makes an appearance and thereby gives me a reason to add an Alex Okafor tag.


Player interviews with McCoy, Shipley and Kindle. Kindle doesn't sound at all like Scipio says he does.

Colt McCoy

On the tight ends: We definitely need to have a tight end in our offense to be able to run what we want to run. We definitely need to be able to establish our running game, and we want to play underneath the center, so if you want to do that, you need someone to step in and play tight end.

I don't really see the need to play underneath the center, but the coaches are apparently convinced that they need to in order to run the ball. And they think we'll need a tight end or two for that same reason. We'll see.

On how much the offense has changed under Greg Davis since McCoy was a true freshman: It has changed quite a bit, actually. There is more freedom. There are more protections. There is just more stuff that you have to know and have to be smart about. I think the thing that Coach Davis and I have worked really hard at is being on the same page and understanding why we are doing what we are doing. For me right now on the field, I can almost guess the call that is going to come in because we have worked so hard together.

A lot has changed. I remember when the defense used to be able to guess the call that was going to come.

On the prospect of breaking the all-time wins record as quarterback: Of all the records that there are, I think that would be the sweetest record to break. I have always said as a quarterback that if you go into a game and you win, then you have accomplished your goal. That is the most important thing, so wins are definitely important.

McCoy showing some ambition. I like it.

Sergio Kindle

On Alex Okafor: Alex has been a playmaker since he got here, and it hasn’t changed at all. He’s just a little bit more acclimated to the defense, and it’s starting to show.

Aren't you glad I added the Alex Okafor tag?

On being more familiar with Coach Muschamp’s defense now that he’s been here a year: We are, because we always look at what we did last year. And the numbers looked good, but we can always to better. Now that we know the defense, he expects more out of us. Instead of being good, he wants us to be great this year, so that’s what we’re striving for.

Continuity is important. Don't be surprised at how much this defense has improved from last year.

On how well the secondary has been playing: Yeah, they really have. There just come times when Colt holds onto the ball a lot longer then he usually does, and that’s how you know that the secondary is doing their jobs.

If you can make McCoy hold onto the ball longer than normal, you're doing something right. There will maybe be a handful of opponents who will be able to do that.