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Practice: Day Seven

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Texas had their first two a day practice yesterday. In the morning they were in shorts, but in the evening they went full pads.

Mack Brown says on his blog that they're trying to develop depth at this point, and he reiterates his desire to get the best eleven players on the field.

We're mixing groups of players together to see who and what fits best. We want them to compete for spots on the depth chart every day. At the end, we'll build our team and scheme around getting the best players on the field and we'll continue to compete all season.

Pictures. Many of which consist of white dudes chasing black dudes in pass coverage. As it has been since the beginning of time. Or at least since integration.

Video. Lots of teaching, lots of coaching.

And that's pretty much it for information on yesterday's practice. We'll probably just start making up some shit later this week.