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NCAA Investigating Tennessee Freshman Bryce Brown

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Not surprising when you consider all of the clowns that took part in this circus. Lane Kiffin, Brown himself, and most interesting to me, a handler named Brian Butler. The following excerpt, if true, is bad news for players that are now playing the street agent game. It could also be bad news for our pal Will Lyles and other sleaze bags.

Sources told that the crux of the NCAA’s investigation revolves around Brown’s relationship with Brian Butler, who was Brown’s adviser/handler during his recruitment. Brown was one of several prospects that Butler mentored.

In particular, the NCAA is looking into some of the fundraising Brown accepted in high school to visit college campuses and what role Butler might have played.

"The NCAA continues to investigate [Brown] and his whole history going back to when he was young, and I know that bothers him," Kiffin said. "It’s pretty unfortunate."

At one point, Butler was charging money for recruiting updates involving Brown and other players on his Web site. He later stopped charging and made the information free.

Here's the link from ESPN. Of all places.