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Practice: Day Eleven

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Yesterday's Longhorn scrimmage had a couple of special guests. Mack Brown says on his blog that both Spike Dykes and Joe Greene (whose name Brown misspells) stopped by. No jersey for you, Mack.

That kid later died of auto-erotic asphyxiation in that same tunnel.

No video is up as of yet, and the pictures link is broken.

So I'll just make up some shit.

Ben Alexander was attacked and clubbed by a group of Norwegians before being rescued. He's listed as day to day.

Lamarr Houston played like a man. Wait, he didn't play? I blame my sources.

Colt McCoy looked like Colt McCoy, except from certain angles. Then he sort of looked like Peter Lorre in M.

The offensive line never missed a block, and the defensive line was never blocked. Ponder that for a minute.

Our running game looks fantastic. Chris Whaley is already better than Cody Johnson. Cody Johnson is already better than Ricky Williams. In summary: Whaley>Johnson>Williams. Fozzy Whitaker is our best back.

Various players did some good things. No one played poorly.

Greg Smith looks like a combination of Mike Ditka and Kellen Winslow at tight end. He will make us forget all about Josh Marshall.

Chris Hall baptized the entire offense during a huddle.

Sergio Kindle killed Gary Busey in a slaughterhouse. No, wait. That was Predator 2.

Blake Gideon is a black Rod Woodson.