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Florida wins the preseason national championship

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Never before has a team received so many first place votes in the preseason AP Poll. Never!

Florida got 58 of 60, and some shitty team from somewhere else got the other two. Pity votes one would assume. The rest of the Top 25 is inconsequential.

It's not surprising that Florida got that many votes when they're led by a quarterback who does things no other quarterback has ever done. Mainly get a media blowjob after averaging 3.9 ypc.

The previous record for first place votes was USC in 2007. They went on to win the national championship that year. I think. I really don't pay attention after the preseason polls are released.

But if you're living in one of those flyover states and rooting for some team not named Florida, here's the rest of the Top 25.

Not that it fucking matters.