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Practices: Days Thirteen and Fourteen

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Slim pickings for Friday's practice, but we do have some pics.

Derek Johnson is huge. He looks like a 6'3" Casey Hampton.

Saturday's scrimmage was better. At least a little bit.


Applewhite is now wearing a visor as well. This ends now.

Antwan Cobb tries to find a way around a prone Ahmard Howard.

UT President William Powers might be wearing mom jeans.

Christian Scott is a thoroughbred.

And Adam Ulatoski is going all Phil Loadholt on Alex Okafor.

Some video of Greg Davis and Will Muschamp answering questions with some scrimmage clips interspersed.

:54 in Earl Thomas somehow manages to keep up with Greg Smith on a two yard out. But Smith did catch the ball.

2:00 Deon Beasley victimized once again by a bigger receiver. This time it's Malcolm Williams. What does a brother have to do to get some safety help up in here?

3:00 Garrett Gilbert throws a strike to Marquise Goodwin who makes the catch with his hands.

3:40 Earl Thomas tackles Vondrell McGee and then rolls over him out of bounds to add insult to injury.

4:25 Good: Ben Alexander ties up two offensive linemen. Bad: Two of our offensive linemen get tied up by Ben Alexander.

5:10 Sam Acho runs a stunt and goes practically untouched to the quarterback.

6:30 Jared Norton and looks like Marcus Davis knock DJ Monroe on his ass.

Transcript of the interviews with both coordinators.

Greg Davis

On the tight ends: Right now we’ve got Greg Smith and Ahmard Howard who are doing things in our attached formation; they’re involved both in the passing game and in the run game. Then when we go to a tight end detached, we’re playing both Barrett Matthews and Dan Buckner in that spot. Dan Buckner is a guy that will cross train for an outside receiver and a slot receiver. That mixture of those four guys, Barrett is a guy that can play detached and attached.

Right now we have three guys who can block a defensive end, but only one of them can actually catch. Or something.

We would like to play more 11 personnel (one running back, one tight end) than we were able to last year, but at the same time, you want to play to your strengths. Colt (McCoy) is an extremely accurate thrower, and when you put Dan inside you get some matchups there that are pretty good.

If it ain't broke, don't fix it.

On who has surprised him so far this camp: I would say the development of Barrett Matthews has been a pleasant surprise. You never know how a freshman is going to react when he gets out there. You’ve got to mention Garrett Gilbert to come in as a true freshman and the job that he’s doing in the no huddle, in the signals and the speed of the game. I’m really pleased with his progress. Mason Walters is a young guy that’s going to be in the mix.

Looks like at least three true freshmen will play at this point. Gilbert is the future so he has to play. Walter is too good not to get some playing time. Mathews is a combination of being good enough to play and playing a position where we need help.

On how much the staff plans to change the offense from last season: We want to be flexible enough, and we want Colt to have enough flexibility that he can get us in and out of situations that demand that. At the same time, we also want to trust the system in certain blitz situations, which is what we did last year. Somewhere between not doing anything different and doing a few things different that are different for the defense is what you’re shooting for offensively.

This offense is Colt McCoy. Whether or not change is beneficial will be determined by McCoy. If it takes away from what he does best, it's not something we should embrace.

Will Muschamp

On the defensive line: Football is a line of scrimmage game, so you’ve got to play well up front. I feel good about the three tackles inside who have performed well – Lamarr Houston, Kheeston Randall, and Ben Alexander. Sergio Kindle, Alex Okafor, Eddie Jones, Sam Acho, and Russell Carter have done some good things at the end position.

Three tackles, five ends. I would have liked for another defensive tackle to have stepped up at this point, but there is still time. There's stuff we can do up front to mitigate it.

On if there have been any surprises: I feel like we’ve got five linebackers that can play championship level football for us.

Holy shit. We have five linebackers?! When was the last time we were able to say that? When was the last time we had more quality linebackers than defensive tackles? We're in uncharted territory here.

Really looking forward to watching this defense.