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Barking BON Roundtable

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Just a head's up that Peter Bean hung out this weekend with Scipio Tex and jonestopten over at Burnt Orange Nation.

Scipio Tex: I'm a big fan of emotional devastation and destruction of the opposition: in college football, on Indian buffets after a mountain bike ride, and on work colleagues who use the word "synergy" too often.

I'm not into running up the score either, but I believe in allowing your 2nd teamers to play the game unfettered. Getting our backup QB eight quarters of real work over the course of the season should be our goal, but I fear that we'll see lots of handing off to Jeremy Hills. If it hurts another coach's feelings that we're running our offense normally, my heart weeps for them. It's our job to do what's best for this team and next year's team. It's not as if Brown has any friends in this league to begin with and the Stoops sewing circle will do whatever it can to work against Longhorn success. And secret poll ballots only aid and abet that. Knowing that, I might just be inclined to drop 63 on Art Briles in Waco if I could. Perhaps that would impress him.

For more on the Sewing Circle, read this.