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Miami Heat Forward Michael Beasley Goes into Rehab

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From Yahoo sports. I'm trying to feel sorry for the kid, but you had to see this one coming after this picture surfaced on the interwebs. See the bottom right, which seem to be a baggie of pot, or as Vasherized mistakenly calls it, hashish.

Tats are close to godliness

Now unless you're naive enough to think that Michael Beasley is the first NBA player since Robert Parrish to smoke out, this has got to be something else. If I had to guess this is his agent, with help from the NBA perhaps, getting out in front of the PR machine before the drug story surrounding this picture gets unruly.

I mean, unless this dude goes through 30 days of rehab with John Lucas at his side, young suburban white kids won't by Beasley's Heat jerseys, right? I mean tats covering both scapula's are cool as long as we reference God and mix in a couple of angel wings, although the wings are much too small to be of any use aerodynamically to a 6-11 250 lb. dude.

In all seriousnes though, I wish Supercool Beas all the luck in the world especially if he's got a real problem with addiction. But after years of watching the NBA, I'm skeptical considering Phil Jackson writes his scouting reports on hemp paper.